Best HMB Supplement: 5 Brands and Products to Look At in 2021

HMB supplements

HMB ( beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl butyrate) has been around for years and has been used in many supplements. It is the metabolite of an amino acid called leucine – an essential building block for protein synthesis and good metabolic functions. Moreover, it also has an impact on the speed of recovery after exercise and might affect muscle growth directly. HMB is produced naturally in the body when leucine is broken down. 

Leucine itself can be found in foods that are high in protein. For example, milk, soy, beef, and chicken have considerable amounts of leucine. You can also find this ingredient in some other food categories like fruits, avocado and grapefruit, and vegetables, like cauliflower. And sure, if you’re getting enough animal protein then you are reaching your daily intake goals of leucine. But when you don’t eat products of animal origins, a plant-based diet alone will not be enough to meet the daily intake requirements.

HMB Supplements: Mechanism of Action

HMB is nothing new and has been studied extensively in over 90 clinical studies over the 25 years. To better understand how we could benefit from supplementing HMB, we first need to take a closer look at muscle growth and functions.

Muscles are an integral part of our body and assist us with complex movements, maintaining balance, and strength. During a normal day, regardless of our activity levels, the protein in our body breaks down and begins the synthesis in the muscle. The main goal is to make sure that muscle building takes place faster than muscle breakdown. Age, sex, and health can all tamper with muscle breakdown and, as a result, strength. HMB might have properties that will allow you to build and maintain muscle mass

how works HMB supplements
Mechanism of HMB supplements

HMB will slow muscle breakdown and in return will aid you in easier maintaining muscle mass. And it has been proven that HMB help preserve muscle mass.

Who should take HMB?

While there is no price daily intake of leucine, many scientists claim that 0.53 g/(kg·d) is the safe limit of this element. And you can meet such a requirement if you eat enough protein. However, vegans might encounter a few issues when trying to maximize their leucine intake, since they often struggle with protein deficiency. So if you live solely on a plant-based diet, then you would need to consume over 50 avocados to reach the daily intake requirement. And that’s just not possible (or healthy!). Other than that, leafy greens and soy are the most common vegan foods that contain leucine, as well as vegetables such as broccoli. However, 100 grams of broccoli will only provide around 5% of the required daily intake of leucine.

This is where you sometimes need to look for an alternative source of this element. And it’s where the best HMB supplements come into play to treat this leucine deficiency. 

Top 5 HMB Supplements

Now, do keep in mind that the best way to understand that you have leucine deficiency is to consult with your doctor! Only they can tell for sure whether you have a deficiency of a certain element. If so, then taking the best HMB supplement will be effective and useful. 

Thus, to help you make only the best choice we’ve done some research, and found some of the most HMB supplements on the market. We hope that this list will help you figure out where to buy HMB from.


Nutrakey provides high-quality supplements for a very fair price. With their best HMB supplement, they are aiming at promoting lean muscle mass and minimizing muscle breakdown. Each bottle comes with 90 capsules and their recommendation is to take them over 30 servings. And if need more effect, you can also consume their supplement along with your pre-workout protein shake. However, remember to consult with your doctor, to ensure that there will be no negative effects from doing so, and that that the ingredients in the supplements won’t conflict with each other.


If you have a well-structured lifting regimen you could greatly benefit from the BulkSupplements powder HMB. By adding it to your protein shakes you can reach your daily HMB intake at a lower price while getting good results. The supplement comes in a 250g bag and the manufacturer recommends 3 doses a day 1,000mg each time. Other than that, this HMB powder does not contain any additives and is FDA-registered.


VitaMonk HMB supplement is called Endurance mode and has been formulated by doctors. The difference between the VitaMonk supplement and the others on our list comes from the synthesis. VitaMonk HMB contains calcium beta-hydroxy-beta-methyl butyrate, which greatly helps with muscle gain. There are 100 capsules and each contains 1,000mg of HMB-CA. They recommend taking 5 capsules daily for best results. 

Legion Athletics – Forge

Forge from Legion Athletics is including HMB in their pre-workout fat burner. It will increase your energy levels, lower recovery time, and improve your workouts. Other than that, muscle breakdown inhibitors will also contribute to muscle growth and will greatly accelerate fat loss. To achieve this, they have added several other clinically proven supplements.

Double Wood Supplements

The HMB from Double Wood Supplements comes with the added benefit of having their product purity tested by third parties. There is a slight issue with the fact that the capsules are only dosed at 500mg which will require you to swallow more of them to reach the desired effects. The supplement also has rice flour and gelatin making it as pure as possible. The HMB supplement Amazon selection doesn’t have so many clean products and this is why we included the Double Wood on our list.


The generally accepted HMB is at around 3 grams daily. However, it is best if you can split it into three smaller servings. The 3 grams recommended dose also depends on your size. The average gym goer should take around 3 grams and if you are on the heavier side you could supplement up to 5 grams. But do make sure that you follow the manufacturer’s recommended dose to maximize the potential of each supplement’s brand. Or the better idea would be to consult with your doctor if needed and let him decide what would be the better dose specifically for you.

When should you take HMB?

The exact hour when you take HMB is important but not nearly as important as making sure that you are taking it consistently. The positive effects appear to last for more than a few hours. However, to protect your gains, it is best to take HMB supplements 60 to 90 minutes before your workout. An hour before a workout allows your body just enough time to absorb the HMB and later on use it during training.

 On the days that you do not actively plan to take HMB, it doesn’t matter at what hour you take it. Just make sure that you do not forget to take it and simply include it in your supplement stack. This will decrease your recovery times if you were actively training the previous day.


All and all, if your diet does not provide enough leucine for example when you live a plant-based diet, practice intermittent fasting or OMAD (One Meal A Day) then taking the best HMB supplements will be rather beneficial for your health. As the current clinical studies show,  the HMB is effective and good for your body. Doses of 3 grams daily are perfectly safe for periods of up to 8 weeks however for further clarification make sure to consult with your medical professional.

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